Hugo Blum

CEO at 100 Ladrillos

FotografĂ­a de Hugo Blum Bandera de mexico

Bachelor of Administration and Finance from the Universidad Panamericana.

For more than 10 years Hugo Blum directed Kapital Financiera, a traditional finance company he co-founded in 2005. In 2013, he started in the world of technology and finance (fintech) and, together with his partners, launched the P2P lending platform with the highest growth and best portfolio quality in Mexico.

Enthusiast of technology and disruptive models, he is an investor in different startups through different venture capital funds such as KF Ventures, Investo and Narval Ventures.

Currently CEO of 100 Ladrillos a digital platform that seeks to democratize real estate tenure using advanced electronic signature technologies, electronic trusts and blockchain.


From idea to execution