Zaira Amanda García González

Asesor Design Instructor at BBVA Bancomer

Fotografía de Zaira Amanda García González Bandera de mexico

Graphic designer and psychologist specialized in usability, user experience, emotional and editorial design. Researcher since 2007 on issues related to: factors that intervene in the interaction / user with non-conventional interfaces, has been a consultant, instructor, evaluator of academic programs and study plans on issues of usability, user experience, graphical interface analysis of user, emotional design centered on the user, testing on user experience and human computer interaction (IHC), game design in video games at the behest of government and private, universities, museums, advertising agencies, startups.

She was in charge of the Subdirectorate of Computer Systems and Support for Innovation of the Secretariat of Public Education, in which he designed information architecture, user interface design, gamification, design criteria and user experience evaluation rubrics, as well as categories of usability guidelines for the evaluation of educational material.

She is currently an Advisor Design Thinking Instructor, before Lead UX Designer at BBVA BANCOMER.


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